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hi ! i'm jojo and welcome to my site !

i have been teaching myself html & css since around mid 2022 so please do forgive me if my code is rather disorganized and sloppy. this is just a personal website of mine for all sorts of things from my art to me talking about my favourite interests. i hope you enjoy your stay and thank you for visiting !

last updated : 06/14/2024 @ 02:21PM EST
please feel free to pay a visit !!
04.03.2024 : added the goodies page ! still definitely a work in progress though so my apologies if it looks messy...
02.14.2024 : completed the webmaster page for the most part ! now onto the rest !!
01.31.2024 : added a few more sites to the neighbours roster and fixed the name of my site button so it should link properly now ! i've been playing Infinite Wealth since launch so i apologize for lack of updates ! 100/10 game btw :D
01.13.2024 : fixed theissue with my webrings and added dream team webring :)
01.08.2024 : happy new year ! been real busy over the holidays but here's the first small update of 2024 ! just added a nice lil ipod border for the webring section :)
11.19.2023 : added some music, tooltips and finished up the home page !! also added proper links back to my social medias for you to find me elsewhere on the web !
11.16.2023 : added a little "featured art" section to display my most recent works ! still have a lot of fixing and tweaking to do though...
11.07.2023 : added site button, chatbox, neighbourhood, some webrings & update box ! will be adding more webrings and other things soon !!
11.03.2023 : complete splash and homepage overhaul !! thank you all very much for your patience with site maintenance !!
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no ai webring previous random next the top of a fuzzy, black sphere with two arrows rising from it, one curving to the left, one to the right. across the bulk of the sphere it reads NO AI / WEBRING in squiggly, uneven letters and next to those words is a small question mark